Remember when we said that we’re builders? Yeah…we meant it.

It’s the “C” in EPC, which is at the core of our business.

American Energy consults, designs and then physically brings your project to life. Our renewable energy experts will build your photovoltaic solar system and bring you into the future of energy, working with you and your team at every step of the way.

We perform thorough pre-project design research and will even take care of the geotechnical engineering reports for PV solar trackers, fixed ground mounts and solar carports.  We conduct pre-construction site assessment studies (shared with you) on your project’s feasibility, and our experienced in-house team will even build the foundations for your PV solar carport, tracker or ground mount system.

Our construction teams are experts in the mechanical construction of PV solar trackers and fixed ground-mount racking systems, solar carports, and ballasted or mechanically fastened commercial and industrial rooftop solar racking systems. We handle all aspects of the electrical installation from PV solar modules, inverters, transformers, medium voltage equipment, and we will even take care of setting up the SCADA monitoring equipment.

Join The Solar Revolution

Are you ready to take a progressive step forward? Good, because we’re ready to help you. Request a quote and someone from our team will reach out to get the process started.