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Our team is staffed to handle any phase of your utility scale PV solar ground mount tracker project.  From driven pile foundations and mechanical installation to complete turn key solutions, our industry experts will take care of your construction needs on time and on budget.

What’s a single-axis solar tracker?

A single-axis trackers shifts solar panels along one axis, typically the north and south. By doing so, your panels track with the sun on its rising and setting schedule.

We offer industry-leading services for solar tracker projects.

Comprehensive site evaluation

We’ll evaluate the potential variables with PV solar trackers, electrical switchgear, potential interconnection issues, geotechnical and topographical surveys and will even utilize the most advanced sonar technologies to guarantee your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Cutting-edge engineering

Our experts are ready to take your project from design to interconnection and will provide turn key services or a la carte, ranging from project engineering, structural, architectural, civil and electrical services. We are able to cover all of the bases, or just the specific details.

PV Solar Tracker Solutions provide Up to 35% More Daily Production


American Energy offers customized PV Solar Trackers Services 


Foundation Installation – Driven Piles, Ground Screws, Helical Piles
Mechanical Assembly – FTC Solar, Array Technologies, NEXtracker and more
Electrical Services – Low and Medium Voltage wiring and substation construction
SCADA Installation – Also Energy, Solar-Log, and more
PV Solar System Testing and Final Commissioning


American Energy is able to work with existing site development projects, greenfield and brownfield, providing foundation services, mechanical assembly and electrical services needed to rapidly construct utility scale solar tracking systems that offer 25-35% more energy production than fixed ground mount solar systems.


What’s a single-axis solar tracker?

A single-axis tracker shifts solar panels along one axis, typically north and south. By doing so, your panels follow the sun on its rising and setting schedule, minimizing the angle of incidence.  This allows the photovoltaic cells to increase the amount of energy they can produce by more than a third, an especially significant number for large-scale utility PV Solar projects. 

As your contractor, we will go above and beyond our duties to ensure a safe and successful solar tracker installation.

Comprehensive PV Solar Project and Site Evaluation

American Energy performs all the necessary geotechnical and topographical surveys to determine the type of mounting that is most appropriate In order to maximize the viability of your utility scale solar site for PV solar trackers.

We have dedicated teams of experienced pile operators, installers and electricians. American Energy is equipped with the latest Turchi pile drivers for driven pile installations.  This is the simplest and least expensive foundation used in soil with good cohesiveness such as clay or dense sand.  We offer helical piles that are best suited for loose sand or low cohesion and if the project requires ground screws for cobblestone or rocky soils, our crews are equipped with the proper equipment to overcome any terrain or soil conditions.

Cutting-Edge Solar System Engineering, Top-Quality PV Solar Construction Services

American Energy is ready to take your project from design to interconnection using the latest tools of the trade. Our construction team will coordinate component deliveries, assemble all parts, and complete the installation on time and more importantly, on budget. We are Medium Voltage certified enabling our in house electricians the ability to work on high voltage sites and self perform all electrical work from substation installations to the overhead wiring at the final point of interconnection. When the project is completed, we guarantee you will be more than satisfied with the results and the speed of installation achieved without the need for outside subcontractors. 

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